“ Tonight’s the night!

The Right Way to Party in the Bay Area

Posted 11 Aug, 2016 by Angel Worldwide

Treat Yourself to Stress-Free Fun


Tonight’s the night! Forget about work, those deadlines, projects, and the long list of client needs. For a stress free night out in San Francisco you don’t want to be bothered with driving and trying to locate, and then find again, a parking spot. A Bay Area party bus could be exactly what you need -a designated driver taking you around town, making the drive itself as fun as the nightclubs!


Step out tonight in San Francisco and make some new memories. Let a safe and experienced chauffeur handle all the stress tonight as you relax on a fine tuned party bus.

Gentlemen/ladies night out


After a long week at work, treating yourself to a night out in the City with the boys can be a great way to unwind and relieve stress. But when you have to drive, navigate through traffic and look for that always elusive parking spot, you might end up adding to your stress. A Bay Area party bus can save you from those hassles, kick off your night’s festivities the moment you step in, and be your designated driver at the end of the night. We offer only the safest party buses that are kept in pristine condition through routine quality maintenance and driven by qualified chauffeurs.


Sports Events

A party bus can operate day or night, which means you can take it to a sporting event. Take your group to watch a Giants or A’s game. And if the Warriors pull off a win tonight take a party bus out to celebrate! When football season gets here, forget the traditional tailgate. Start it off right by pre-gaming on the way over to the stadium.


AT&T Park is the home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. Nighttime games are fun; especially in the beautiful baseball park of the Giants’. Check the calendar in advance and get tickets for one of the “fun special event nights”, or check out a game in the day and celebrate back on the party bus whether your team won or not. Upcoming concerts and events to be held at the AT&T Park include; Billy Joel, AC/DC, The Opera, Joel Osteen, and a variety of marathon races.


Grabbing a Drink

If you’re looking for a laid-back lounge with a great selection of wine, check out the Press Club, located in downtown San Francisco. It’s two blocks from the Moscone Convention CEnter and features an artisan vintner and brewer each month.


If you’re in the mood for innovative, handcrafted drinks, make your way to Blackbird in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco and ask for a Market St. Manhattan.



Talk about views! Check out The View Lounge that sits on top of the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. Have a handcrafted cocktail as you look out at the city through the massive window 39 floors up. The night time lights are amazing from this angle.


Smuggler’s Cove is one of the most talked about tiki bars in the world. Its set up is that of a 3 story pirate ship complete with a ship’s bow, anchors, mermaid carvings, and a waterfall. Rum is included in most drinks along with an abundance of other tasty ingredients. Parties of ten or more can share a punch bowl drink set afire with your very own drinking straw.

Rickhouse Cocktail Bar is known for whiskey and bluegrass music. The interior is decked out in beautiful wood with a loft. Even though they are known for their whiskey they serve many classic drinks and a variety of punch bowls.


Alcatraz & Ghost – For a different twist to your night out in San Francisco you might book an evening tour of the famous Alcatraz. View the sunset on the narrated boat tour and then go from cell to cell of some of the most infamous prisoners.


Go on a Ghost Hunting Tour and share your ghost stories back on the party bus. The tour lasts for three hours and they say that something unexplainable happens on every tour.
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The Bus

Our party buses can seat large groups up to 28 passengers. The interior is custom designed with premium leather limo seats, entertainment systems and minibars so that the party starts before you get to your destination. You’ll never have to worry about traffic eating up precious party time because you’ll be in your own exclusive nightclub with your friends. You might even decide to skip the actual nightclub in favor or keeping the party rolling with a great view of the city lights outside the windows.


The Best Bay Area Party Bus

All aboard and let the good times roll! The party bus is not just a ride — it’s the beginning of your great night out in San Francisco. Slip into your premium leather seat, pick out your favorite music, and relax with a refreshing drink from the well stocked mini-bar.


You can take up to 27 friends with you…now that’s a party. Your party on wheels gives you and your friends more time to enjoy each other and the fun of the night.


Our party buses are kept in top shape, running safely and smoothly. You might just want to skip stopping anywhere and enjoy your night out aboard your own exclusive nightclub with the cities amazing lights as your backdrop. But, if you decide you want to do-it-all; tonight’s the night! Check out these fun ideas for a great night out in San Francisco.


Regardless of the size of your group, your budget or itinerary, a Bay Area party bus is the best way to get around town on your epic guys’ night out. Whether you’re grabbing a handcrafted cocktail, heading to a game or hitting up a nightclub, our professional chauffeurs will get you to you destination safely and in style.

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